Product Liability

Product liability refers to the manufacturer being held legally responsible for placing products on the market. The operation of a yacht, especially when carried out incorrectly, can result in dangerous situations. When consumer health and safety is at risk, or consumers have suffered injury or death as a result of a product defect or improper usage, product liability will be taken into account. It is therefore an important factor to consider in order to protect a company’s reputation and avoid unnecessary expenses.

The owner’s manual gives the manufacturer the opportunity to provide clear and concise instructions for the proper use of the yacht. We always recommend including warnings in the manual in order to prevent avoidable, dangerous situations.

Alongside safety aspects, we need to include warnings relating to damages resulting from improper use of the yacht. A well-prepared owner’s manual can help reduce miscommunications that may lead to disputes between the boat builder and client, particularly during the warranty period.

In summary, the owner’s manual is a crucial document where product liability is concerned.