An online Technical Construction File (TCF) allows the client to keep all CE documentation in one place. The TCF is stored in the cloud, meaning it can easily be shared with the notified body, designers and subcontractors.

The TCF is created over four online sessions in conjunction with the client. We use a folder structure to ensure easy access to all documentation and avoid confusion over revisions.

We are more than happy to guide boat builders through the documents in the TCF so they can better understand what is involved. We will provide simple explanations as to what the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) requires, as well as the ISO standards, without going into lengthy legal details.

  • Session 1: General explanation about the Recreational Craft Directive + Introduction to the Technical Construction file
  • Session 2: Completing the file with the required Structural and Stability documents
  • Session 3: Completing the file with safety related requirements
  • Session 4: Completing the file with the installation / system requirements

It is our aim to support the yacht building industry in an efficient way, while always keeping quality in mind. For questions regarding our Technical Construction File services, please contact us.